Motorola edge 30: the thinnest mobile on the market with 5G technology

Within the wave of smartphone presentations, we will talk in these lines about the new Motorola edge 30 , available right now in Spain through in gray with a PVP of 499 euros. Also, on the occasion of its launch, this new brand terminal can be purchased with a flash discount of 100 euros through the aforementioned website, valid from 3:00 p.m. on April 27 to 11:59 p.m. on April 29. april.

To begin with, Motorola must be praised again for having developed the thinnest and lightest mobile phone equipped with 5G technology . This company has the virtue of having launched true iconic mobiles in the history of telephony and this last reference is now on this list, although today the competition in the industry is much greater than it was a decade or two ago.

We are not only talking about lightness: the Motorola edge 30 has many more arguments

The truth is that speaking of reasons to acquire this new phone, we must talk about several positive factors of this launch. But starting at the beginning, the feeling when picking up this mobile is that we are facing a featherweight. The device has a thickness of 6.79 mm, which makes it occupy less in each pocket, adapting perfectly to all hands. It is really different to pick up this phone than any other that we are used to.


But not because it’s thin, the brand has sacrificed performance and potential of this Motorola edge 30. The technology that lives inside makes this model can compete very fiercely in the mid-range sector, which is where it has really always felt comfortable. Motorola. We are talking about its camera system, an efficient Snapdragon processor , the screen, the sound… Many attributes that offer a great qualitative leap from its predecessor, the Motorola edge 20. Much larger than one or dlim Motorola edge 30 has many more appeals in the industry is much larger than does one or dlim


Additionally, it is worth noting the company’s effort in the exterior design of the terminal, with a very striking effect and a subtle touch of brightness that changes when tilting the Smartphone from one side to the other. It all adds up.

Snapdragon 778G+, the growth factor of the Motorola edge 30

We will start talking about the potential of this device from its heart, because the Snapdragon 778G+ processor lives inside the chassis, with which the user will experience very fluid performance in any type of application. That includes games, as well as other entertainment tools that offer multimedia content.

From the quality of the processing, one of the strengths of the Motorola edge 30 is explained, such as its connectivity. Equipped with 5G technology, it is also possible to count on it to the fastest Wi-Fi 6E networks with an advanced modem. As was said, everything runs smoothly. The 8 GB of RAM that this model incorporates, equipped with 256 GB of internal storage, contributes a lot.


Continuing with connectivity, content lovers can get more out of Motorola edge 30 thanks to Ready For , which amplifies everything your phone is capable of. Just connect it wirelessly to a monitor or television and you’re ready to go. Mind you, the Ready For wireless connection is only compatible with TVs that support Android smartphone screen mirroring ( Miracast ).

In terms of performance, the efforts that Motorola has made in the edge 30 battery to be able to withstand the demands of 5G, among other things, also deserve praise. The terminal comes with a 4020 mAh battery that is made to last and support all the features and can also be fast charged with TurboPower™ 30 , a system that provides hours of energy in just minutes of charging.

The camera system, the other great added value of the latest from Motorola

Motorola does not skimp with its chip, nor does it with its cameras. In this aspect, the edge 30 presents a state-of-the-art system with advanced performance and image processing technologies. On the back, there is a 50 MP ultra wide angle sensor, while on the front we will see a 32 MP camera.

For this model, Motorola reports that it has introduced the most advanced camera, using the new autofocus standard, Instant All-Pixel Focus. While traditional focus technologies use around 3% of the pixels, Instant All Pixel Focus uses 100% of the pixels in vertical and horizontal patterns for faster, more accurate performance in any light and lets you shoot with 32x more focus pixels.

Valuing the taking of images, the user will be able to enjoy sharpness when using the camera day and night, as the system allows more light to pass through by combining every four pixels into a single ultrapixel. On the other hand, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) eliminates unwanted motion blur, so you can take the best photos in a whole new way.

As for the video section, the Motorola edge 30 can make HDR10 recordings with more than a billion color tones with which to tell stories in the most realistic way.


An optimal camera for the use of the main social networks

Regarding the camera system, Motorola has also thought about the massive use that the community gives to social networks. In this sense, internal sources highlight that the quality of the camera does not suffer from apps such as Tik Tok, WhatsApp and Instagram . Users will enjoy good performance in their profiles thanks to aspects such as facial rendering, video recording with the front camera or video chats, as well as significant noise reduction when capturing still images. So yes, a good value for money terminal for content creators and streamers.

The latter also leads us to highlight the screen of this release. It perfectly fulfills all the content from its 6.5″ OLED screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate and HDR10+. As final data, the sound. The device features two large stereo speakers, equipped with multi-dimensional sound from Dolby Atmos®, which serves as a perfect complement to the screen and an interesting appearance to offer a more immersive visual experience.