Quickly disable Windows Firewall command

netsh advfirewall monitor show firewall

For certain tasks or when troubleshooting, it sometimes makes sense to switch off the integrated Windows firewall . This is basically not a problem and can be carried out relatively quickly via ” wf.msc “. However, if the admin wants… Continue Reading

Start programs from the Windows taskbar quickly using the Windows key

Windows key + 2

Today we would like to introduce you to a function of Windows, which most probably do not know, although they have been working with Windows for some time. In order to simplify the work, it often makes sense to be… Continue Reading

Display detailed information about the hard disk via disk part

detail disk

 We have already reported on the Windows tool for hard disk partitioning (Diskpart) in the past. We have given you a list of the most popular Diskpart contributions at the end of this entry . In this Diskpart tutorial we… Continue Reading