Cheap smartphones gain ground on the mid-range

Why buy a phone for 400 or 500 euros when we can find another one that more than complies for half the price? That same question is the one that many users ask themselves before buying a phone. Cheap smartphones are in fashion among consumers for many reasons, starting with the qualities they provide and how well they perform. Not surprisingly, many companies have a brand of cheap smartphones in their portfolio, aware of how well they work among the public.

cheap smartphones gain ground on the mid-range

This is the case of Xiaomi , with Poco or   Redmi , although Samsung itself and other large companies also have excellent terminals on the market for a very affordable price. Curiously, these references always sneak into the top positions in the top sales of phones in any country.

In that sense, perhaps the best strategy is to combine high-end with low-end, in the style of what iPhone has done with its great flagships and the SE model that has given so much revenue to the apple brand.

Even so, it is difficult to find cheap Apple smartphones, it would be necessary to search among refurbished mobiles or from past seasons. This same process is what One Plus has experienced , a company that at the time decided to merge with Oppo and with a trajectory that has changed a lot over time.

One Plus started with a low price range that only users could access by invitation. Subsequently, it advanced with the launch of models that were more in terms of price until, after the One Plus 6 model, Premium phones began to arrive that already exceeded 500 euros in the market. So much so that today, the flagship exceeds the figure of 1,000 euros if we want it at the top of the range.

The parallel with One Plus is evident as they now combine premium phones with cheap smartphones, all of which perform well overall.

oneplus phones

Best-selling cheap smartphones

Having said all this and assuming that cheap phones are a trend, we can talk about several models that are successful with the consumer. These are the big bestsellers of 2022 so far this year.

Little F3

It will be for a reason that the Poco F3 is one of the best-selling cheap smartphones of the moment. For just over 200 euros, one can have a terminal that has 5G connectivity and a processor that performs wonderfully and that has nothing to envy other phones that exceed 500 euros.

The Poco F3 is one of the kings of value for money thanks to features like its Snapdragon 870 chip, its 120Hz AMOLED display, and a very decent fast charge from Oppo. The brand knows how to function wonderfully in these areas and now, although with a slightly higher price than its average, it promises great things with its F4 GT model.

The other king is the One Plus Nord 2

For its part, the One Plus Nord 2 , which arrived on the market in July 2021, shares leadership with the Poco mobile for similar reasons: price-quality is indisputable in this reference, which also incorporates 5G connectivity, a processor that It brings a lot of fluidity in the day to day, a camera with good results, internal storage of 128 GB, fast charge of 65 W and the appreciated operating system of OxygenOS 11, the personalized layer of One Plus for Android 11.

Internet gives us all the possibilities

They are only two of the best-selling cheap smartphones of the moment, but in that list of best sellers you can find a good number of references, with the presence of brands that many would not even know. The Internet has empowered us, it has opened us to large terminals that do not have the advertising of the Premium ones. The best thing to find the phone that suits us best is to go to comparators such as those of G5 mobiles .

In this type of platform we will find reviews and comparisons that will help us make the best purchase decision. Best of all, there is information filtered by features and background articles where the user can move according to their needs.

It is on these types of websites that we really realize that there are many alternatives to mobiles considered Premium or with high prices.

We will even have information on smartphones for less than 100 euros, valued by experts. It is in this type of content that we will discover many brands and models that we did not even know existed. In fact, looking at this website, one realizes that Alcatel continues to function as a company, launching new models from time to time. That to say, the best known brand of cheap smartphones. But what about Hafury ? Surely this brand is not so popular, but it has the latest version of Android…

Poco phones stand out for quality-price

Why are cheap smartphones a good option?

Be that as it may, cheap smartphones are a great option for the consumer for several reasons. To begin with, because there is currently a wide variety of references, the innovation of the brands also has this segment and many resources are also allocated to it.

This translates into phones with good features at a very reasonable price. For 200 euros or less we can have a mobile with good performance in the processor, very decent photography or a lot of storage for what is styled in the high range.

The next benefit that cheap smartphones provide is that, since we spend little money, we can renew our terminal more regularly. This consumer profile is more empowered because it is up to date on the types of websites that we mentioned before. Doing numbers, you can buy an average of three cheap smartphones per year compared to one Premium. Not bad.

For all these reasons, cheap phones are an absolutely palpable trend. And it is that in addition to devices, the empowerment of the consumer is key in this dynamic.