New folding mobile on the market: Honor Magic V

If you are a fan of the folding mobile, you should know that Samsung is not the only one that can occupy your mind. The Honor Magic V has just come out of the oven and promises to give its South Korean rival a lot of competition.

The Honor Magic V is presented as the first folding mobile of the Chinese firm, the country where it will debut in commercialization (later to the rest of the world). Obviously we will have to talk about its closing or folding system, but many of its specifications must also be highlighted, starting with its processor and another series of attributes that make this terminal very appealing.

Let’s talk about the Honor Magic V

The screen, the star of the Honor Magic V

In the case of a folding mobile, we must logically start talking about its screen, with a lot of presence when one opens the hinges of the device. Precisely the hinge, in the shape of a drop of water, is an important technological element as it is the thinnest on the market. Thanks to it, the mobile allows you to open it comfortably in a perfect symmetrical way.

Regarding the screen, the Hono Magic V has a 6.45-inch 44° curved OLED screen when folded, achieving a wider aspect ratio of 21.3:9 that differentiates it from other foldables on the market. This makes the device exceptionally easy to use and functional, as the screen works like a traditional smartphone, rather than appearing long and narrow.


In its full deployment, the phone has an extra wide 7.9-inch screen without creases, offering a more immersive experience like that of a tablet , ideal for viewing content, multitasking and increasing productivity while working.

Already in operation, the screen has a screen refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, guaranteeing an immersive entertainment experience, whether watching movies, surfing the web or playing games. In fact, the Honor Magic V is the first foldable smartphone to receive IMAX Enhanced certification .

Guaranteed performance with the new Snapdragon 8

Foldable and powerful. The Magic V is the first foldable smartphone powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G processor . Backed by the latest Adreno GPU, the smartphone offers a 30% GPU performance boost compared to the previous generation, enabling greater productivity at faster speeds. The Honor Magic V is also equipped with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage , which increases the overall processing speed and storage capacity.

To ensure that users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and network performance when switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, the device supports the new LINK Turbo X, which offers impressive download speeds.

On the other hand, we must highlight the intelligent cooling system, which comprises the latest third generation of graphene and an intelligent AI thermal management system to cool the phone more effectively, while maintaining efficiency.

The camera

Regarding the photographic section, very important for today’s users, Honor continues to advance in the field of imaging with the Honor Magic V, which has an AI-powered quad camera array with a 50 MP rear camera. and a 42 MP front camera that offer impressive photography and videography in three modes: night, HDR and zoom. Supported by the Honor Image Engine, an advanced AI-enhanced imaging system, the Honor Magic V delivers best-in-class multi-camera computational photography at all times, no matter where you are or what you’re shooting.


HONOR Magic UI 6.0 debuts for a more personalized user experience

With the debut of the latest version of Honor Magic UI 6.0, the Magic V offers a series of enhanced and personalized features to provide a smart life experience. Magic UI 6.0 comes with the brand’s AI engine, Magic Live. Through context awareness, profile prediction, and a large insight graph, Magic Live gives the Magic V the ability to act as a personal assistant, intelligently learning user habits and behaviors to provide personalized recommendations, for example , travel reminders such as check-in times and gate updates. Magic Live will be even smarter in the future, supporting the user in scenarios such as office work, study, health and fitness, lifestyle services, and many more.

multi window

In addition, the HONOR Magic V supports Multi-Windows, which allows the screen to be divided into multiple windows and users can enjoy different types of content at the same time and customize and organize them according to their preferred style. Thanks to its intelligent AI system, the Honor Magic V automatically detects and recommends content for Multi-Windows based on usage, allowing for greater personalization and entertainment.

Long battery life and improved fast charging

Featuring a dual-circuit battery design, the Honor Magic V is powered by a massive 4,750mAh battery for all-day use. It is compatible with HOnor SuperCharge 66W, which allows you to charge the battery up to 50% in just 15 minutes.