How to download and force Windows 10 1903 update

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Despite the fact that the Windows 10 1903 update came out a few months ago, it has not been until now that Microsoft has started to release the update to the different compatible computers through a notification in the system. As usual, this type of launch is carried out in stages to avoid saturating the company’s servers. Luckily, we can download and force the update to Windows 10 1903 manually to install it later on the PC.

Force update from Windows Update

In the event that Windows has not notified us about the update to version 1903, the first thing we will have to do is go to the Windows Update or System Updates application to force the Windows 10 update through the Start menu.

force update windows 10 1903

Once inside, we will click on Check for updates . If a new package is detected, we will click on Download and install now and the system will automatically start downloading the latest available update, which in this case corresponds to the following packages:

  • 2019-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4505903)
  • 2019-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x32-based Systems (KB4505903)

It is likely that the program will find versions older than 1903. In this case, we will have to download the respective updates and start the Update tool again to start the search again.

How to force update to 1903 if Windows can’t find updates

It may be the case that our team does not find the Windows 10 updates. In this case , we will have to resort to Microsoft’s external tool designed to update computers and create USB/CD installation units.

The tool in question must be downloaded from this link , and once started, we will select the option to Update this computer now after accepting the respective terms of use.

download windows 10 1903

Then the tool will start downloading the latest update available on our system. Only in the event that the tool does not detect any update will we have to go back to select the Create installation media option . The installation process, yes, will require the introduction of a storage unit (USB, external hard drive, DVD…) to install the update through boot. This type of installation will clean the system completely , although we will be able to keep our data, although it is not always recommended. In this other article we explain this process.

Once it is finished, we will accept the installation of the update and it will automatically be installed on the computer after one or more reboots.

If none of the above works, better not insist

Since the last system updates, Microsoft has implemented an algorithm both in the corresponding section and in the Windows 10 Update program to prevent the installation of new updates on incompatible computers .

It does so in order to avoid one of the big problems with this type of update: the blue screen or the black screen . Therefore, if our computer does not detect the 1903 update, it is most likely that it is not supported at the moment. As soon as the manufacturer of the computer or the components of the equipment releases its respective compatible driver , Windows will make the new version compatible with our PC.