World of Warcraft: Legion returns the MMORPG to its highest.

World of Warcraft: Legion has sold 3.3 million copies on its first day and thus returns the MMORPG to the top once again. The Californian company has seen its expectations exceeded and success has been received with joy but also with modesty.

The King Midas of the video game industry

If the developer Blizzard is known for something, it is for turning everything it touches into gold. After a resounding success in sales with Overwatch, the newest expansion of the most famous MMORPG of this century, World of Warcraft: Legion has reached record figures in just 24 hours.
In this way, Legion becomes the expansion that has generated the most interest and sales in recent years, matching the record set by Cataclysm.

The players return

The company has revealed that the title, released in 2004, has reached player quotas similar to that of 2010. That year was the highlight of the game’s success, following the Cataclysm expansion .   However, Blizzard does not provide specific figures. “It has been exciting to watch players hunt down demons, discover and enhance Artifacts, or freely explore the new Legion zones,” says Mike Morhaime , Blizzard CEO . Of course, the content for the game will not stop there, since update 7.1 will soon arrive with many new features.


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World of Warcraft: Legion

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We leave you with the trailer for the expansion in case you haven’t seen it yet. A HowPChubsaludo to all.