Games that help you train your intelligence.

Hello HowPChub ! Welcome back to our blog. This week we show you games that help you train your intelligence. Discover in this entry games that will develop different parts of your brain. You do not believe it? Well stay and find out!

The types of intelligence

It is a proven fact that not all of us are worth everything. We cannot all compose an opera, nor are others capable of jumping from an airplane, solving a logarithm, reading a map, painting a picture of a landscape or singing like angels. They are popularly called talent, or gift, or extraordinary abilities, but the truth is that each brain is different, and therefore each one works differently in all the aspects that we can deal with on a daily basis. Howard Gardner earned a place of fame among other things, for his spectacular study (and subsequent book) about the types of intelligence we humans have. He divided them in the way that you can see in this image.

Games that help you train your intelligence

Actually, almost all the games that exist help you to train your intelligence, although some at higher and more diverse levels than others. Are you horribly wrong with car games? Or perhaps you are a denier in musical and rhythmic games? Do you dance like a duck? And in fighting games, shooting or platforms? Do you have less reflexes than a blind shrimp? Check which games are the worst for you, the ones that even if you like them more or less, there is no human way for you to play them. Perhaps by detecting the type of intellectual resources needed to overcome this game, you can improve that part of your intellect, which will help you develop it in many other possible aspects of life.

Puzzle games and problem solving

What in the world of video games are known as “Graphic Adventures”. Do you want to cry from despair with a game that will make you smoke? One that will make you feel terribly stupid or Stephen Hawking when you pass it on? Try Machinarium. You are going to adore it or you are going to hate it, but that indifferent game is not going to leave you. You have others like the classic Broken Sword and other sagas like Syberia, Another Code or Deponia. All of them will make you think and will remove your brain making it work on the visual-spatial, logical-mathematical and in some cases even the musical aspects. And you also have Sherlock Holmes and Hercules Poirot games! Machinarium game

Strategy, management and role games

Have you never played one of these? Well you\\’re already taking. Once you play an Age of Empires or one from the Total War saga , you will remember them forever. You will develop your brain making it more strategic, analytical and far-sighted. What about pure and simple management? From games like Cities Skylines to the Tropics, through the classic Sim City, they will make you become an expert in resource management and will develop various types of your intelligence. And a game that helps me with the most complex intelligences? The interpersonal, intrapersonal and of course, the existential calls. There is no better genre for this than the role. Put yourself in someone else\\’s shoes, empathize with them and with their friends (even with their enemies) and see through these games perspectives and points of view that will make you rethink your life and reflect on it. Some examples? You have the excellent Pillars of Eternity. Some of the Dragon Age and of course, The Elder Scrolls both Oblivion and Skyrim. There are a lot of not pure RPGs that mix with the shooter or fighting genre but have amazing stories. Any Fallout could do, but we\\’re going to stick with New Vegas and Fallout 4. Needless to say, the Mass Effect trilogy , or the Bioshock trilogy as well . Of course, there are many other games from other genres with deep and existential moments. The Sony PlayStation games that can already be played on PC like The Last of Us or the last God of War, have a spectacular philosophy from its beginning to its end. All these games will not be a simple hobby that you will forget two weeks after you stop by. They will leave their mark on you. Fallout New Vegas

Games to directly exercise your brain

To finish, if what you want is not only to play and sharpen your intellect, but directly train your brain, there is nothing better than the Brain Training that Nintendo released in its day for its DS console and that you now have on Switch. But beware, that PC also has its version, called Brain Trainer, which has several editions and that will also serve you to perform daily exercises and routines that will prevent your neurons from “rusting”.


You are not stupid, that has been made clear in this article. You can be clumsy in some subjects and very prominent in others. You may make a speech in front of 100 people and everyone will applaud you for your quality, but then not being able to play a saxophone. Maybe you are a beast of mathematics that can cope with everything, but then it does not have the slightest sense of musical rhythm. The ideal is, first, to master interpersonal intelligence, that which is capable of making you analyze yourself, that you know yourself perfectly with your virtues, your defects, your strengths and your weaknesses. Once you know them, develop your “talents” and dedicate your life to it (and your profession) to be able to do what is best for you. Sometimes what we like the most is not what we master most, but hey, you can always leave it as a hobby. We hope you liked this post. Leave us your comments if you liked it. Remember that we release tickets every week. You can follow us on social networks and YouTube and be part of the community. A nitrosaludo to all!