Word files automatically save every “x” minutes

Who intensively with Microsoft Word works, which is aware of the problem that is not stored texts or documents in a Word crash lost are gone. This is extremely annoying because hours of work can be lost in one fell swoop . As a rule, this data cannot be restored if ” automatic saving in Word ” has not been activated .

In this short Word tutorial you can find out how you can set your Microsoft so that open documents are automatically saved every “x” minutes .

Automatic saving in Word

To do this, first call the menu item in Word


and then the sub-item


as you can see here in the following Word illustration.

Word file options

The settings page for all Word options opens. The Word option for automatic saving can be found under the item

to save

We have also shown this to you below.

Word AutoRecover

Here you will find the setting

AutoRecover information is saved every “??” minutes

This ” AutoRecover ” option must be set in order for the auto save to work. Depending on the importance, you must then save a period of time in which Word then automatically caches the open documents .

In addition, the option should always be

Keep the last automatically restored version when closing without saving

be activated. This ensures that unsaved Word documents are lost if you accidentally quit Word .

As a third option, you can also specify a path in which Word stores the auto recovery files . By default, this is the following

C: Users USERNAME AppData Roaming Microsoft Word

If you have set these three auto recovery options correctly in Word, you can always fall back on the last automatically saved version in the event of a problem .

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