Windows 10 login via image code

With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced some new options for Windows registration . Not only is it possible to log on to Windows using a PIN , it is also possible to log on to Windows devices with a touch screen using an image code .

This allows the user to log on to the Windows PC simply by swiping a gesture . You can find out how you can set up and activate this gesture registration under Windows 10 here in this short Windows 10 tutorial.

First of all you have to use the Windows 10 settings app via the known key combination

call. Then you switch to the sub-item

Accounts (email, work, other contacts, synchronization)

and then into the area

Registration options

Here are all possible Windows 10 registration options such as

  • Windows Hello face recognition
  • Windows Hello fingerprint
  • Windows Hello PIN
  • Security key
  • password
  • Image code

available as you can see below.

Set up image code Windows 10

Incidentally, if you do not have the ” Image code ” option in the settings overview , it could be because you are connected to a Windows PC via RDP. In this case, an image code registration or image code setup is not possible.

After clicking on ” Add ” the setup process for the image code registration is started. First, the stored Windows password must be entered so that the user authenticates himself on the Windows and is therefore checked whether he can create an image code at all .

The actual image code setup then starts under Windows 10 .

Sign the image code on the touchscreen

First you have to over

choose picture

Select an image of your choice on which you would like to set up the image code or swipe gestures. In our case, we simply used a blue wallpaper with a Windows logo.

Now you have to start setting up the gestures . Microsoft has released the following information.

Set up gestures
Draw three gestures on your picture. You can use any combination of circles, straight lines, and tap movements.
Remember that the size, position, and direction of the gestures and the order in which you perform them become part of the image code.

Set up gestures

After you have completed this gesture setup , the following message will appear.

Image code is set up

As you can see, the Windows login image code is now set up. If you now restart your Windows 10 tablet or notebook, you will be asked to enter the image code when registering .

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