Windows Update error code 0x80240437

The Windows Update error code 0x80240437 is very common and occurs in two ways. On the one hand, error 0x80240437 can occur when getting the latest Windows 10 updates, but this error can also occur when installing apps from the Windows Store.

Today we would like to deal with error 0x80240437 in connection with the Windows updates. The original error message looks like this.

Windows Update error code 0x80240437

As so often, the explanation of the error message is not particularly meaningful. Apparently there is an internal Windows 10 update problem , it has nothing to do with the internet connection or with the Microsoft update servers.

You should try the following solutions if you receive this update error message.

Clean up Windows Update Store

This error usually occurs because the Windows Update Store contains corrupt data. This can occur if downloads from Windows updates abort and the resumption of the downloads does not work. This means that only fragments of the complete Windows updates are available. For this reason, the Windows Update Store should be completely reset so that all updates are requested from scratch.

You can empty the update store if you issue the following commands in an administrative command prompt.

net stop cryptsvr
net stop bits
net stop wuauserv

This stops the necessary Windows update services. Now the important system folders of the update store can be cleaned up by simply renaming the 2 folders . The following folders have to be renamed:

c: Windows SoftwareDistribution
c: Windows System32 Catroot2

After you have renamed these folders, you can either restart the Windows services listed above in reverse order, or you can simply reboot your Windows PC.

Then you can search for the latest Windows updates again and the error message 0x80240437 should no longer appear.

Antivirus software is to blame

Windows update problems can always be caused by the antivirus program used. The virus software also tries to check the downloaded updates for viruses during the Windows Update and can therefore have a negative impact on the Windows Update process.

Therefore, if the update problem persists, you should briefly deactivate your virus scanner. After successfully installing the missing Windows updates, you can of course undo the deactivation.

Carry out Windows resource check

Ultimately, the problem can also be a faulty Windows component store. You can check this relatively easily and quickly using the SFC command and have any problems repaired. The necessary command must be called in an MS-Dos prompt that has administrator rights.

SFC / Scannow

Finally you have to do a Windows reboot and after that the error code  0x80240437 should no longer occur.

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