Windows Update error code 0x80200013

The Windows Update error code 0x80200013 has been known since Windows 7 and is currently also very common in Windows 10. We have shown you the original error message from error  0x80200013 below.

Error code 0x80200013

Unfortunately, Microsoft only informs the user that problems have occurred with the Windows update process . Unfortunately, further background information on error code 0x80200013 is missing.

BITS problems

After doing some research on the Internet, it became clear that the BITS service , the intelligent background transfer service , had a problem downloading the Windows updates. This is usually due to the following 2 options.

Virus scanner causes error 0x80200013

The installed virus scanner is often to blame for the occurrence of error 0x80200013 . The error occurs particularly often if the Windows 10 integrated Windows Defender Security Package is not used, but third-party manufacturers such as Kaspersky, Symantec, etc. are used. It is easiest to deactivate the installed virus scanner for the time of the update and to reactivate it after successful installation of the Windows updates.

Proxy server entry

The second reason may be that you have entered a faulty proxy server in the Internet settings. To do this, calls up the ” inetcpl.cpl ” program . Then you switch to the tab


and then you go to the following point.

LAN settings

The following setting window for the local network then appears.

Local network settings

In this case you can see that the ” Proxy server ” is checked and a proxy server and the associated port is entered . By removing the checkmark you deactivate the set proxy server. Then you should call the update process again and the update error 0x80200013 should no longer occur.

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