Log on to another domain – change the default domain via GPO

Users who work in a network usually log on to the standard domain . This domain is stored in the Active Directory and is given to the user when he logs in, so that he actually doesn’t have to worry about it. However, there are networks in which there are 2 or more domains and then it may make sense to change the standard domain using group guidelines and to give the user a different domain name.

To set this, you have to switch to the following Group Policy branch in the Group Policy Editor.

Computer configuration / administrative templates / system / login

There are a number of predefined GPOs, we have already reported on the group policy ” Show animation when logging in for the first time” . In this case, however, it is about the group directive

Assign default domain for login

We have shown you the group guidelines here below.

Assign default domain for login

By default, this GPO is ” not configured “. If you now ” activate ” them, you can assign a new standard login domain name . In this case we simply have our domain

Windows FAQ

deposited there.

Default login domain

Microsoft also announces the following information about this GPO :

This policy setting specifies a default login domain, which can be a different domain than the one the computer belongs to. Without this policy setting, the domain the computer belongs to is used as the default domain if a user logs on without specifying a domain. For example, if the computer belongs to the Fabrikam domain, the default domain for user login is Fabrikam.

If you enable this policy setting , the default logon domain is the specified domain, which may be different from the domain to which the computer belongs.

If you disable or do not configure this policy setting , the default logon domain is always the domain to which the computer belongs.

Now you should activate the group policy with the command ” GPUPDATE / FORCE “. You can achieve the same if you simply restart the PC.

The Windows logon screen then looks like this:

Log on to domain

As you can see, the domain “Windows FAQ” is now proposed to the user .

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