Windows PC restarts instead of shutting down

A fairly common problem with Windows 10 , but also with earlier versions of Windows, is the fact that many Windows PCs reboot immediately after the shutdown command , although this is not desired at all.

Normally, the PC should switch off , switch off the power supply completely. We also had this problem a few days ago and have gone into more detail and would like to tell you the solution here below.

Energy options are to blame for the automatic restart

The solution lies in the energy options of your Windows system. Therefore you should switch to the Windows Control Panel and there the sub-item

Energy options

call. There you select the following item in the left option bar .

Select what to do when you press the power button.

Then you see the following setting options for the Windows power options , the power switch and power saving button settings and the settings for the shutdown .

Activate or deactivate Windows quick start

The attitude is crucial

Enable quick start (recommended)

This quick start option is certainly activated for you and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that your Windows PC does not shut down properly , but instead starts Windows again immediately after the shutdown.

Microsoft explains this option so that this option starts the PC faster after shutdown. The restart would not be affected. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and is responsible for the shutdown problem described .

If you should also be affected by this, then you should also deactivate this option . We would recommend all other Windows 10 users to leave this option activated.

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