Windows 10 query display settings and display information of the connected monitors

As a rule, most of your Windows 10 users will have 1, 2 or more monitors connected to your Windows 10 PC. Because each monitor different settings and resolutions may represent, it is quite useful at times, the current monitor settings to display Windows 10th

You can find these monitor settings in the Windows 10 settings, the easiest way to do this using the known key combination

Win-I keyboard shortcut

can call. Then you switch to the area

System ( display , notifications, sound, power supply)

and then in the subitem


Then you scroll down on the right part of the window until you get to the point

Advanced display settings  

is coming. We have marked this for you accordingly in the image below.

Advanced display settings

After selecting the ” Advanced display settings item , another window appears, which looks as follows.

Windows 10 screen display information

Here you can first under

Select ad

select the monitor in question. All connected monitors are listed here, in our case it is a ” Dell U2718Q “. If several monitors are connected, you can select the right one here and then receive the necessary information.

Under the point

Display information

you will then see the following screen information.

  • Name, manufacturer and make of the connected monitor
  • Name of the responsible graphics card
  • Desktop resolution
  • Active signal resolution
  • Update rate (Hz)
  • Bit depth
  • Color format
  • Color space

About the point

Adapter properties for screen? Show

another program is opened, which provides you with even more in-depth screen information. As a rule, the information above is completely sufficient.

You can also find further information on the subject of “monitors” here.

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