Copy complete path names and file names to the clipboard in Windows Explorer

Today we would like to introduce another, quite unknown function of Windows Explorer . The user is often faced with the problem that he would like to not only copy the file name from a file to the Windows clipboard , but also the complete path name including the file name.

This file information can be copied to the Windows clipboard using the Windows board tools and without additional tools. We show you this using an example here in the following pictures.

First you call the desired file path in Windows Explorer, now press the

Shift key and at the same time press the right mouse button

on the file name, whose entire path name including the file name you want to copy to the clipboard. This then looks like this.

Copy as path

By the additional pressing the SHIFT key , the Explorer context menu is expanded to include additional functions. Among other things, you will now also find the function

Copy as path

in this context menu . If you run the option ” Copy as path “, nothing happens optically. However, the complete path name including the drive information and the file name including the file extension are copied to the Windows clipboard in the background .

To make this clear, we opened a ” Notepad ” and over

pasted the contents of the clipboard into the empty window. As you can see, the complete file path including the file name and file extension is now in the file.

Path and file name on the clipboard

In this way you can save yourself a lot of typing and it is, we think, a quite good and helpful function of Windows Explorer . If you know of any other useful functions from Explorer, we would be very happy to receive appropriate information.

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