Windows 10 error code 0x800b0101

Today we want to report a serious Windows 10 error called 0x800b0101 . Below you can see the original error message of our Windows 10 version 1607 system, which we received today during the day.

Windows 10 error code 0x800b0101

The error message appeared to us immediately after restarting the Windows 10 PC. No Windows updates were installed before, it was a pure Windows restart. The exact error message is:

Microsoft Security Client
An error has occured in the program during initialization. If this problem continues, please contect your system administrator.
Error code: 0x800b0101

The error is very unpleasant because this message appears immediately after the user logs in and further work with the PC is impossible. The CPU seems to run permanently at 100% , because the construction of the desktop symbols alone takes several minutes. It is not possible to start an installed software program or to call up the task manager; the event log can also be retrieved from a remote PC over the network with a timeout .

Even restarting the system and calling up the Windows 10 repair functions did not bring any success. Neither the reactivation of a saved system image nor an ” sfc / scannow ” via the command prompt brought any success. Even restarting in ” safe mode ” without network cards brought no improvement.

Windows Defender

Ultimately, we restarted the PC again, registered and waited about 2 hours until the PC was finally booted up and the CPU came down to a tolerable level. Then we could not work 100% with the PC, but it was at least possible to call the task manager . Through this we could see that the Windows Defender apparently used the CPU extremely heavily. We then called the Windows Registry Editor with administrator rights via the Task Manager (File / Execute New Task) .

Create new task with administrator rights

In the registry editor we switched off the Defender completely according to the instructions ” Deactivate Windows Defender completely ” and after a restart the system ran so well that we could at least back up the data properly.

Windows 10 re-installation

Nevertheless, we cannot avoid a complete reinstallation of the system, because all repair mechanisms were ultimately unsuccessful. It is also astonishing that we could not even read the reason for the error code 0x800b0101 from the event log and we did not find any useful information about this error message on the Internet either.

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