The Windows Store cache may be corrupted

A few days ago, we reported on the  Windows 10 App Store repair program (Appsdiagnostic10) to eliminate the most diverse error codes that can occur when using and downloading apps from the Windows Store . Unfortunately, this FixIt program from Microsoft for the Windows Store is not the solution to really fix all problems.

Below you can see the original error message of a Windows 10 PC that also had problems with the Windows Store.

The Windows Store cache may be corrupt

The exact error message is:

Windows Store apps
troubleshooter completed.
The troubleshooter could not fix all of the problems found.
The Windows Store cache may be corrupted.

Why Microsoft does not have the option in the ” Appsdiagnostic10 ” tool to remove this problem with the Windows Store Cache is not entirely clear. For this reason, we want to show you how you can solve this problem yourself.

WSRESET resets the Windows Store

Microsoft already provides the solution to the problem with the “wsreset” command . All you have to do is invoke a command prompt (CMD) . However, this must have administrator rights, otherwise Windows 10 will not allow you to reset the Windows store. As you can see below, you only have to enter the command ” wsreset “, no further parameters are necessary.

Reset wsreset Windows Store

The resetting of the Windows Store takes a few seconds and then immediately the Windows Store is automatically called. Now you have to check whether your problem with the Windows Store has already been fixed or you may have to run the Microsoft Appsdiagnostic10 tool again  .

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