Yellow exclamation mark in the drive icon in Windows 10 Explorer

Yellow exclamation mark in Windows 10 Explorer Bitlocker

Under certain conditions, Windows 10 Explorer may display a ” yellow exclamation mark on the partition or other drives , as you can see here below. An open lock is also displayed as a hint , which then also gives the hint for solving the problem.

Exclamation mark on system partition in Windows 10 Explorer

The indicated lock clearly indicates the Bitlocker encryption , which for whatever reason does not work correctly. We found this issue on almost all Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets that showed this ad after updating to the latest cumulative Windows 10 Creators Update.

It is now possible to set up the Bitlocker encryption again to switch off this problem message, or you can switch off the Bitlocker function completely. To deactivate Bitlocker, you have to press the Win key + “I” and then select the area ” System, display, notifications, apps and power supply “. Then select the ” Info ” area in the bottom left column .

There you will find the following ad.

Bitlocker device encryption interrupted

The message is:

Device encryption
With device encryption, your files and folders can be protected against unauthorized access if your device is lost or stolen.
The device encryption is temporarily interrupted and continues the device on the next reboot. -> switch off

If you now choose ” Switch off “, another security question appears.

Should the device encryption be switched off

This security question is:

Should the device encryption be switched off?
When you do this, your files are unprotected. Decryption can also take some time.

If you confirm this again with ” Switch off “, the files already encrypted with Bitlocker will be decrypted again, as you can see here.

Bitlocker device encryption is switched off - decryption is carried out

The decryption process can take some time, but during this time you can continue working on the PC without any problems. At the end the message appears that device encryption is now deactivated. The yellow exclamation mark in Windows Explorer has now disappeared. Of course you can reactivate Bitlocker encryption at any time.

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