Windows 10 change font size

With Windows 10 version 1809 , Microsoft has also introduced the option of individually adjusting the Windows 10 font size . This allows the user to change the size of the Windows 10 font , just as it is best for the display and readability. This makes it easier to read content under Windows 10, because the font is sometimes displayed very small, especially with very high-resolution monitors.

Adjust Windows 10 font size

To change the Windows 10 font size, you have to do the following. First you call using the Windows key combination

to get into the Windows 10 settings. In the known settings menu, you then call up the following point.

Easier operation (voice output, screen magnifier, high contrast)

As soon as you have done this, the desired function for setting the Windows font size appears .

Windows 10

In the field ” Sample text ” you can see the currently set font size of Windows 10 . If you now simply move the slider , which is set to 0% as standard, to the right, the font size in the ” Sample text” field changes .

You can see this in the image below by moving the slider to ” 150% “.

Use set text size in Windows 10

If you have found the optimal text size for Windows 10 , then click on the point


The display of all open programs is then adjusted and during this time the display ” Please wait a moment ” is displayed.

One moment please

If the Windows 10 font size has been adjusted , the Windows 10 settings app is also shown in the new Windows font size , as you can see here below.

Adjusted font size in Windows 10

In this way, you can optimally adjust your Windows 10 display and configure it according to your wishes.

Note: However, there are applications that do not change with this setting of the font size . These do not support this new Windows 10 function for adjusting the text size.

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