Windows 10 cannot check for updates

Again and again, users report the error that Windows 10 cannot check for updates . We would like to show you a possible source of errors for this Windows update problem below  .

In the picture below you can see the classic Windows Update error.

We couldn't find any updates

The exact update error message including typing error (?) Is:

Windows Update Error
We couldn’t find updates because you are not connected to the Internet. Make sure you have a data or WiFi connection and try again. 

This error message usually has nothing to do with the Internet connection, but is caused by the Windows Update service . This also results in the following error message, for example, which occurs on older Windows systems.

Windows Update is currently unable to check for updates because the service is not running. You may need to restart the computer.

Check Windows Update service

As a rule, as already mentioned, there is a problem with the Windows Update service. Please call the Windows services management “services.msc” after pressing the buttons

Call Services.msc

and scrolls down in the service view until you come to the ” Windows Update ” service.

Start the Windows Update service

As a rule, the Windows Update service is NOT started . In our example it is even deactivated so that the update error messages listed above can occur.

It is best to set the Start type service to “Automatic” and then to start the Windows Update service “wuauserv” .

If you now try to install the Windows updates , the Windows Update error messages listed above should no longer occur.

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