Windows 10 calculator (calculator) no longer starts

Unfortunately, there are always problems that the Windows 10 calculator (also called Windows calculator) does not want to start . Below we have shown you this problem, a blue calculator ( blue calculator ) is simply displayed and nothing happens after that. Even restarting Windows 10 doesn’t fix the problem. We can’t say exactly when, why or why the problem occurs, but we can show you how you can solve the problem by starting the Windows 10 calculator .

Windows computer does not start

Uninstall Windows 10 calculator using PowerShell

First you have to uninstall the Windows computer. This is possible because the Windows 10 calculator is an app that you can easily reinstall at any time via the Windows Store . In order to uninstall the Windows 10 computer, you have to call up a PowerShell console that has administrative rights.

The following command must then be issued.

Get-Appxpackage * WindowsCalculator * | remove-appxpackage

Below you can see the command shown. You will not receive any feedback after issuing the PowerShell command , but the Windows calculator is uninstalled .

Uninstall Windows calculator

To reinstall the Windows 10 calculator , you have to go to the Windows Store and search for the following search term

Windows calculator

Then you have to download and install it from the Windows Store . This is very quick because the Windows calculator app is very small.

Reinstall the Windows computer from the app store

After the download and reinstallation of the Windows computer has been completed, the Windows 10 calculator starts up again properly. If you want to find out about the new functions of the Windows 10 calculator , then you should definitely have a look at our article ” Windows 10 calculator with many new functions “.

Windows 10 computer

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