Shadow copies Initialization error Error code 0x80070005 Access denied

Shadow copies are a wonderful thing, especially if you want to restore files or entire folders from a specific date or time . In the article ” Configuring shadow copies (previous versions) and restoring data ” you have already shown exactly how you can set this up.

Today, however, we want to report the error code 0x80070005 in connection with the shadow copies . We had the problem that the “ Shadow copies ” tab was not available in the Windows Explorer window on a Windows Server 2012 R2 . The tab ” previous versions “, which should actually show the shadow copies, was already there. Even when calling the program


then the error message appeared with the error message 0x80070005 , as you can see here below.

Shadow copies initialization error Error 0x80070005 Access denied

We then examined the entire system, which could possibly be the reason. We have the services via ” services.msc

SWPRV – Microsoft software shadow copy provider
VSS – volume shadow copy

checked. Both were not deactivated and even started. Even restarting the server did not help. Then we used the “vssadmin” command to display various settings, but everything was ok so far. We couldn’t find a reason why the “Shadow copies” tab disappeared.

Then we created the shadow copies for drives C: and D: using the command line command, as you can see below.

vssadmin Add ShadowStorage

The command is as follows:

vssadmin Add ShowStorage / For = D: / On = D: / MaxSize = 20%

This creates a separate area for the shadow copies on the D: partition, which occupies a maximum of 20% of the total hard disk space.

The shadow copy memory association was added successfully, of course the shadow copy tab has not appeared. Then we simply created a daily task via the Windows task planning, which creates the shadow copies automatically with a command . The command is as follows.

vssadmin create shadow

vssadmin create Shadow / For = D:

The task planning was then created as follows.

Task planning vssadmin

This serves its purpose, because the shadow copies are now created automatically and are then also available in Windows Explorer under the previous versions. Unfortunately, the error code 0x80070005 is very common and also occurs with other Windows components, including the Hyper-V. We have described this in detail in the article ” Hyper-V – Application error when trying to change the status “.

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