Create a backup of the Outlook PST file

Office users who also use Microsoft Outlook for their email traffic on their PC often ask how they can create a backup of the PST file . Outlook saves all data such as emails, contacts, appointments, tasks, etc. in the PST file .

For this reason, these PST files should be backed up to another storage medium at regular intervals so that there is no data loss in the event of a hardware defect. Unfortunately, Microsoft has hidden the location of the PST file a little bit deep in the Appdata directories. We would like to show you here how you can find out the easiest way and how you can then save the PST file.

PST file in Outlook 2007

The easiest way to open Office 2007 or Outlook 2007 is in the Outlook menu

Tools / Account Settings

Then you have to switch to the ” Data files ” tab and the following or similar window appears.

Outlook 2007 PST file

As you can see, the PST file is in the following directory:

C: Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Outlook

If you now insert this path in Windows Explorer, you will come to the exact location where the PST file is stored . Now you can simply copy this file to, for example, a USB storage medium. But you have to close your Outlook beforehand, otherwise the PST file is still accessible and the copy process will fail.

PST file in Office 2016

Outlook 2016 is similar, but a little different. The corresponding call is as follows:

File / Account Settings / Account Settings

Here, too, it is still necessary to switch to the “Data files” tab . Visually, it looks very similar to Outlook 2007.

PST file Outlook 2016

As you can see, the location of the Outlook PST file is a little different here.

C: Users USERNAME Documents Outlook files

Again, after closing Outlook, you can simply go to the folder in Windows Explorer and save the PST file to an external storage medium.

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