UsoClient.exe replaces WUAUCLT command on Windows 10

Before Windows 10, the user could very well influence and control the download and update process using the command line command using the “WUAUCLT” command . Without much information, Microsoft has unfortunately shut down the WUAUCLT command and therefore the command


introduced. Unfortunately, there is very little information from Microsoft about this new Windows Update command. We cannot understand why Microsoft deals with the information about the ” UsoClient ” so rarely . We have listed below the most important information and parameters of the “UsoClient” command .

UsoClient parameters

Windows update scanning via UsoClient

With the command

usoclient StartScan

you can get Windows 10 to either check with the stored WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) or online at the Microsoft Update servers to see if there are new Windows updates for the client or the Windows server. You can check this by changing to the ” Windows Update ” area in the Windows 10 settings. There you will immediately see the search process for missing Windows updates

Note: The ” usoclient StartScan ” command has the wonderful side effect that it informs a possibly existing WSUS server about the current patch status of the Windows updates and then immediately shows the correct number. This was initiated before Windows 10 with the command ” wuauclt / detectnow” or “wuauclt / resetauthorization / detectnow” . However, ” usoclient ” works much more efficiently and reliably.

Start Windows Updates Download with UsoClient

You can, however, automatically download the pending Windows updates with the command

usoclient StartDownload

To run. Then Windows 10 starts immediately with the download of the outstanding Windows 10 updates.

Start the Windows Update installation via UsoClient

With the following command

usoclient StartInstall

you can then start installing the Windows 10 updates after downloading the updates. You can follow all these processes at any time in the ” Windows Updates ” display in the Windows settings.

Restart the PC via UsoClient

Finally, you can restart the Windows 10 PC with the following UsoClient command.

usoclient RestartDevice

Explanations UsoClient

USO is short for ” Update Orchestrator Service ” and is the service for managing Windows updates. In the Windows service management “services.msc” there is under

Update Orchestrator Service

a suitable entry.


Microsoft also provides the following additional information on the “UsoSvc” service .

Manages Windows updates. If ended, no current updates can be downloaded and installed on your devices.

This UsoSvc service should therefore always be started so that the client can also receive and install Windows 10 updates. If the Windows 10 client should not install Windows 10 updates, you can also “deactivate” this service.

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