Useful keyboard shortcuts from the Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts

We have already reported several useful key combinations under Windows. But there are also numerous useful key combinations for the Microsoft Edge Browser , which we would like to introduce to you below.

Open new edge tabs

With the key combination “CTRL” + “T” a new tab opens automatically. Incidentally, this not only works in the Edge Browser, the same key combination also works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera Browser.

Create website as a favorite

With the key combination “CTRL” + “D” you can save the current website as a favorite or as a bookmark in the Edge Browser. In another post, we went into more detail on how to edit your  bookmarks in the Edge browser and activate the silent bar .

Quickly switch between the edge tabs

With the key combination


you can quickly jump back and forth between the open tabs in the Edge Browser. The next tab is always called up and displayed. There is also the key combination CTRL + PgDn ( page down) to switch to the next day and CTRL + PgUP ” to switch to the previous tab.

Operate Edge in full screen mode

You can also operate the Edge Browser in so-called full screen mode so that the URL line and other information are no longer displayed. You can call this up with the “F11” key . Pressing the F11 key again exits the Edge full-screen mode.

Quickly close the edge tab

With the key combination “CTRL +” W ” you can close the active tab quickly and without asking.

Exit Edge Browser

The key combination “ALT” + “F4”, on the other hand, closes all open tabs and also the entire Edge Browser.

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