Useful keyboard shortcuts for Outlook

Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Outlook is the standard email program par excellence. Many users work with Outlook every day and therefore Outlook is one of the most important application programs . And it makes sense that we make working with Outlook as pleasant as possible.

Of course, particularly useful and helpful key combinations are of great help to us , as this can save a lot of time in using Outlook. We have listed below the most important and useful Outlook key combinations, as we have divided it into 2 areas.

Outlook keyboard shortcuts regarding email processing

Outlook keyboard shortcut Description of the Outlook keyboard shortcut
CTRL + N Create new email.
CTRL + Q Mark the email as read.
CTRL + U Mark the email as unread.
CTRL + R Reply to email.
CTRL + F Forward email.
CTRL + SHIFT + F Reply to all senders of the email.
CTRL + ENTER Immediate sending of the email.

Outlook key combination regarding folders and Outlook functions

Outlook keyboard shortcut Description of the Outlook keyboard shortcut
CTRL + SHIFT + I Opens the inbox.
CTRL + SHIFT + O Opens the outbox.
CTRL + 1 Opens the email folder view.
CTRL + 2 Opens the calendar.
CTRL + 3 Opens the contacts.
CTRL + 4 Opens the task / task list.
CTRL + 5 Opens the notes.
CTRL + SHIFT + B Opens the Outlook address book.

Certainly there are other Outlook keyboard shortcuts , but we really only focused on the most sensible application areas in Outlook . Should we have forgotten an important Outlook key combination, please write a comment and we will add to our list.

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