Firefox Clear Browsing History (History)

We have already reported how you can delete the browser history of the Microsoft Edge browser and the Google Chrome browser . Today we would like to show you how you can do this with the FireFox browser . The Firefox continues to enjoy a large fan community and is constantly being developed.

Unlike the other browsers, Firefox calls the browser history here


In this Firefox chronicle , all visited websites are saved by date. By default you will find the corresponding icon for the Firefox chronicle and the Firefox bookmark in the Firefox window on the right . We have marked this for you accordingly in the image below.

Firefox history and bookmarks

If you click on the ” book symbol “, a small menu appears, including the item ” Chronicle “. The arrow at the end of the line already indicates that there are other options under this chronicle function .

The following window then looks like this.

FireFox Clear Latest Chronicle ...

Here you can see not only a part of the Firefox browser history , you also have the crucial point to delete the browser history .

Clear Recent History…

Do not be blinded by the word ” newest “, you can then select exactly which area you want to delete in the following window. In our case, we selected ” All “.

Firefox delete entire history

You have the following options to delete the Firefox browser history .

  • The last hour
  • The last two hours
  • The last four hours
  • Today’s chronicle
  • Everything

Furthermore, you can determine which content of the Firefox history should be deleted .

  • Visited pages & download history
  • Active logins
  • Entered search terms & form data
  • Cookies
  • Cache
  • Data (website settings & offline website data)

After clicking on “Delete now”, the specified data of the Firefox chronicle history will be deleted.

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