Update KB4057291 for multi-monitor display display issues from AMD graphics cards released

In the past few weeks, after a faulty Windows update, there were  problems with the multi-monitor display for users who used older AMD graphics cards . Microsoft incorrectly released an update for some graphics cards for Windows 10 Version Fall Creators Update Version 1709. The following graphics cards were affected by the display problems on multi-monitor environments :

AMD Radeon HD2000 Series
AMD Radeon HD3000 Series
AMD Radeon HD4000-Series

All Windows 10 clients were affected that have the driver version number due to the wrong graphics card driver . Microsoft has now released a new update with the update KB4057291 , which eliminates the multi-monitor display problems. The corresponding download links can be found at the end of this article.


The update KB4057291 is available for download via the normal Windows Update function, the Windows Update Server (WSUS) and the Windows Update Catalog . The update is very small at just under 350KB . After installation, it may be necessary for your Windows system to restart once.

We cannot say at the moment whether this update also helps for multi-monitor display errors in connection with Intel or NVidia graphics cards . Many users have been complaining about the same display problems when operating multiple monitors for weeks, but do not use any of the graphics cards mentioned above. Citrix receiver users have also reported corresponding display errors. If you have relevant information or experience, it would be nice if you would leave this here as a comment at the end of the amount.

Here are the direct download links for update KB4057291 .

– Update for Windows 10 version 1709 for x64 systems (KB4057291)
– Update for Windows 10 version 1709 for x86 systems (KB4057291)