Add “Run as a different user” to the Windows 10 Start menu

The Windows start menu was completely rebuilt by Microsoft when Windows 10 appeared . The Windows 10 start menu, also known as the UWP app (Universal Windows Platform App) , unfortunately does not have the function by default that certain programs can be started under a different user account. This function is probably known to most by the name

Run as a different user

This function is particularly interesting if a Windows user with limited rights wants and needs to start a program that has additional system rights. This is often the case if the administrator wants to start users with extended rights under the user account. In this case, it would be very desirable if the ” Start as a different user ” function were also available in the Windows 10 Start menu .

Below you can see a standard Windows 10 start menu, where 21 was  clicked with the right mouse button. There is only the item ” Run as administrator “, but the desired context entry “Run as another user” is missing.

Run as administrator only

You can add this function to the start menu through a registry tweak . To do this, open the following path in the registry editor.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Explorer

If the path ” Explorer ” does not exist, it can simply be created as a ” key “.

Below this, the following value is required.


If this value ” ShowRunAsDifferentUserInStart ” is not available, it must be created as a 32-bit Dword . Then you have to assign the value “1” to this value , as you can see below.


Then there is a Windows restart or you terminate the “Windows Explorer” task via Windows Task Manager . As a result, ” Explorer.exe ” is automatically restarted and the registry change becomes active. Then the Windows 10 start menu has another entry in the context menu , as you can see below.

Run as a different user

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