Uninstall printer driver in Windows 10

Today we would like to show you how you can very easily uninstall a printer driver using the Windows 10 GUI . Manual uninstallation of printer drivers may be necessary if newer versions of the printer driver cannot be installed or if the printer no longer exists and the installed printer driver is therefore unnecessary.

Uninstall the printer driver from Windows 10

It is easiest, you call after pressing the key combination Windows key + “R” program




Then the Windows 10 print management opens , as you can see in the image below. The point is then in the left area below the print server


to call.

Remove printer driver package ...

Now all installed Windows 10 printer drivers are displayed, in our case there is a ” Canon Generic Plus PCL6 ” driver installed that should be uninstalled.

So all you have to  do is right- click on the printer driver you want to uninstall and select the following option.

Remove driver package …

Now Windows 10 tries to completely uninstall the installed printer driver .

If the following error message occurs, further action is required.

The following packages cannot be deleted.

The exact message is:

Driver package information was collected.
The following packages cannot be deleted.
This package contains the following drivers that are currently in use.
This driver is used on.

This indicates that there is still a printer in the Printer area (under Print Server – see Figure 1) that is based on the printer driver to be uninstalled. So you have to delete the printer first before you can remove the printer driver .

If the Windows 10 printer management determines that the printer driver is no longer in use, the following message appears.

The following packages are deleted.

If you now press ” Remove “, the printer driver will be completely removed from Windows 10 . The successful removal of the printer driver will then be confirmed in another display.

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