Twitch, the new communication and why brands need it

The world of streaming is advancing faster and faster with the updating and innovation that is generated in sectors such as ‘gaming’. With each step, new terms, points of view and even doubts arise that need to be resolved so that there is no misinformation or misinterpretation. One of the questions that has sounded the most in recent years is what is Twitch .

Surely you have heard the word Twitch many times, but do you really know what it is? Why is it relevant to your brand? If the answer is no, in this Playoffnations article we are going to explain it to you and we are going to contextualize why it is a trend in the world of communication. But the first thing is to delve into the essence of Twitch and its terminology to get started as a streamer or content creator.

What is Twitch? Familiarize yourself with its terms first

First we are going to define the following terms to make it easier to understand the explanation of what Twitch is:

  • Streamer: Person with the communicative and technological capacity to create content in real time and connect with a type of audience.
  • Stream: Action performed by the Streamer.
  • Streaming: The multimedia content that a person is transmitting live from a device.
  • Gameplay: This word can mean two things, the most common definition of gameplay is a video that is playing a video game that is being played by someone, this can help the viewer of the gameplay to know how the game is before buying it or simply curious about it. know how it is. The second meaning is the literal translation of gameplay = gameplay, for example. ‘This video game has a fairly simple gameplay’.
  • Gamer: Person who plays video games, whether competitively or not. The gamer is related to consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo… Although lately players of mobile games are usually included at a competitive level.
Photo by Kadyn Pierce on Unsplash.

Find out what and what Twitch is for

Returning to the crux of the matter, Twitch is the largest free streaming video platform and belongs to Amazon. But… what is Twitch for? Content is created on the platform about music, conversations, lifestyle, sports, video games…

In it you can make videos in real time on any topic, without a maximum duration per streaming and also interact with your audience. You can also just be a viewer of the live streams of other streamers that you find interesting and interact with the chat. You already know what Twitch is and what it is for, but you still have many interesting facts to know.

Among them, you should know that many of the influencers you know on Instagram probably have a channel on Twitch (or are thinking of opening one). It is a type of communication that is a trend due to its closeness, which moves away from the traditionalism of the classic media. So much so that instead of offering a press conference to use, Gerard Piqué (FC Barcelona player and head of the Kosmos company ) has intervened on Twitch in front of his audience and a good number of journalists to clarify the controversy that arose on account of some audios published by El Confidencial between him and the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, José Luis Rubiales , where they talk about the distribution of the caches of the participating teams in the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Like this one, there will be more speeches and live shows on important topics that go beyond gaming or any other topic that is usually discussed on Twitch. This platform has potential for the world of communication. Brands and, of course, an audience that continues to grow over the years are aware of this.

Audiences on Twitch

The platform broke a record in the first quarter of 2021, as it reached 6.3 billion hours viewed on the platform, a figure that is ahead of YouTube and Facebook. Streamers have broadcast 35 million more hours of content in the first quarter compared to the last quarter of 2020. In one year, the platform has broadcast 119% more.

Every day Twitch receives an average of 26.5 million visitors and every month more than 6 million people transmit their own content, according to data from the platform. Several of the most popular content creators earn millions in advertising, sponsorship, and donations.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash.

How to advertise your brand on Twitch?

You already know what Twitch is and what it is for, so it is possible that now you are rightly considering how to advertise your business or brand on the platform. As Outconsumer, creator of video game content since the beginning of YouTube said in La Inspirational 21 ‘It is essential that the brand adds value and that it is related to the content of the streamer or that it is constantly related to his personality’ he also added ‘Lo what the brand is buying is not the number of followers, but the quality of those and the impact on them’ ‘You have to put the product in without it looking like it’s been shoehorned in. And you have to do it in a way that the community is drawn to it.’

In addition, in this round table, they highlighted the keys or strategies that do work to win over the audience:

  • Treat everyone the same
  • Be constant
  • Be authentic
  • Generate self-references: that is, create an environment or story in which users feel that they are part of it and thus can understand stickers, references or jokes.
  • Being natural, spontaneous and sharing your content directly is also rewarded.

In short, Twitch is a platform with an ever-growing audience, as well as its variety of channels. Brands that don’t take this platform seriously may end up becoming irrelevant. That said, it does not mean that marketing should give up other networks like Instagram or Tik Tok, but it is also worth diversifying towards Twitch, since a lot of people and influential content are concentrated there.