Turn off the blue frame in Windows 10

Maybe you also have the problem with Windows 10 that blue frames keep appearing on your monitor . We have listed a few examples below of how this can look like. Of course, this can look a little different for you, but in principle it is the same phenomenon.

Here is an example of how a blue frame goes through the Windows 10 taskbar and thus also covers parts of the taskbar icons.

Windows 10 blue frame taskbar

Also program icons or desktop shortcuts to this blue frame accept, as you can see here below can.

Windows 10 blue frame desktop shortcut

These blue frames can suddenly appear in Windows 10, because the “ fault ” is the voice output in Windows 10. This voice output is used so that Windows 10 can read texts and controls from the screen . This includes normal text, but also certain buttons that are labeled accordingly.

If you have not consciously activated this speech output , the following key combination is surely the cause of these blue frames. If your namely the key combination  Windows key + CTRL + ENTER

Windows key + CTRL + ENTER

simultaneously presses, the voice output is automatically activated or deactivated. So you can use this key combination to deactivate the voice output and the blue frames disappear immediately from the monitor.

You can also configure the voice output via the Windows settings (Windows key + “I”) . To do this, you must use the term in the search field

Voice output


Turn voice output on or off

Then you can set the option ” Use speech output for reading and interacting on the device ” to ” OFF ” and the blue frames will disappear immediately.


Use speech to read and interact on the device

If you want, you can also tick the option

Allow keyboard shortcut to start voice output

remove. Then it can no longer happen to you that you accidentally activate the Windows 10 voice output with a key combination.

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