TrendMicro OfficeScan XG Patch 1576 released

TrendMicro has recently released a new patch for the German version of its OfficeScan virus scanner . It is patch number 1576 for OfficeScan XG . The exact file name is:


TrendMicro OfficeScan XG Patch 1576

The download has a total size of 632MB and is available in the TrendMicro download portal . At the end of this article you will find the direct link to the download.

The following improvements and changes have been incorporated into this new Patch 1576 for OfficeScan XG .


  • Detection source for predictive machine learning
  • Supports detection of script files in email attachments

Protection against ransomware

  • List of permitted behavior monitoring supports the wildcard characters asterisk (*) and question mark (?) In program path names and file names.
  • By activating the behavior monitoring ” Protect documents against unauthorized encryption or modification “, files encrypted by ransomware are determined by files assigned in the working memory.

Platform and database support

  • OfficeScan agent supports running Windows 10 Creators Update RS2
  • SQL Express 2014

You can find more information about this patch directly in the TrendMicro download portal in the ReadMe for this OfficeScan XG Patch 1576 .

Here is the download link for the patch

– Download TrendMicro OfficeScan XG Patch 1576 (osce-xg-win-de-patch1-1576.exe)

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