Trend Micro OfficeScan 11.0 Service Pack 1 Critical Patch Build 6285 and ActiveUpdate Module Build 1180

TrendMicro has recently released a new ” Critical Patch 6285 ” for the OfficeScan 11 Service Pack 1 (SP1) antivirus software. This renewed hotfix for OfficeScan is dated 06.02.2017 and bears the exact name


The following is the detailed information from the Trend Micro download portal for this hotfix 6285.

This is a ” critical patch ” for OfficeScan 11 SP1 because after installing OfficeScan SP1 Patch 1 there may be problems with the automatic OfficeScan Smart Pattern Update . This new patch 6285 eliminates the errors in the ActiveUpdate module and raises and raises its build number to 1180.

The patch is relatively small overall and the entire download of the OfficeScan hotfix 6285 is only about 10 MB in size.

Trend Micro recommends installing OfficeScan 11.0 Service Pack 1 Patch 1 Build 6242 before installing this critical patch 6285 .

The installation itself went perfectly on our test system within a few minutes, and there are no settings to consider during the upgrade of the OfficeScan server. However, we could not determine exactly whether this version only applies to the English or German version. Strangely enough , the OfficeScan server continues to display version 6242 after installing the patch , as you can see below.

The OfficeScan client but shows how you can see here below can, the correct version with ” 11.0.6285 Service Pack 1 ” on.

Below you will find the direct download link for patch 6285.

– Download Trend Micro OfficeScan 11 Service Pack 1 Patch 1 Build 6285

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