… could not be accessed. Error code 0x80004005

The Windows error message 0x80004005 is very common and occurs on different occasions. For example, when establishing a network connection or when accessing a UNC network path, the following error message appears after calling it up in Windows Explorer.

… could not be accessed.

Make sure the name is spelled correctly. There may be a network error. Click Diagnostics to identify and fix network problems.

Error code: 0x80004005

Unknown error

As a rule, there is no network problem, but it is usually an authorization or registration problem . As a rule, the error can be solved relatively easily, because presumably there are already connections to the specified network destination that prevent a reconnection and this leads to the error code 0x80004005 .

You can check this relatively easily by entering the command in an administrative MS-DOS command prompt

net use

This enables you to check whether the current user already has a network connection to the desired network path. If you want to be on the safe side, simply delete all existing connections with the command

net use * / delete

Then all active network connections are queried and you have to confirm that you want to delete the existing network connections to these destinations. This means that no data is deleted in the destination, only the network connection is cut . If you have deleted all or the connections that may be causing problems, you can try again to connect to the network destination using ” Net use ” or Windows Explorer .

Now the error message 0x80004005 should no longer occur and you should have access to the files and folders of the desired network path .

Unfortunately, the error code 0x80004005 is not only used by Microsoft as an error message in this area. We reported about this error some time ago, you can find the appropriate article under ” 0x80004005 Windows Update error code “. We have also put together other interesting articles on Windows error messages here below.

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