Transparent background when changing programs via ALT + TAB

That your about the Windows keyboard shortcut


Most Windows users know an overview of all open Windows programs . You can then use this program display to select the program that you want to bring to the foreground. Just by briefly pressing the key combination, you always switch between the two last used programs.

In general, the ALT-TAB display looks like this, we have shown you this as an example.

Windows TAB partially transparent display

Here you can see that the ALT + TAB display has a slightly transparent dark background . This is the default setting that is set up with every Windows installation.

You can change the strength of the transparency of this ALT TAB background yourself. However, this change is only possible in the registry. To do this, please start the Windows registry editor “regedit.exe” and open the following registry path.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer

Here is the key


to create. The following key must then be created under this key ” MultitaskingView “.


And in this key ” AltTabViewHost ” the following DWORD 32-bit value has to be created.


This then looks like this.


Now you can assign different values ​​to the ” Grid_backgroundPercent ” value.

  • Value “0” means complete transparency of the ALT + TAB background
  • Value “50” means partial transparency of the ALT + TAB background
  • Value “100” means no transparency of the ALT + TAB background

These values ​​must be stored as ” decimal values ” in the ” Grid_backgroundPercent ” field . By the way, these changes take effect immediately.

Value 0 in the “Grid_backgroundPercent” field

This means complete transparency of the background. This then looks like this.

Windows TAB totally transparent display

So that you can recognize it at all, we have drawn a red frame around the transparent background .

Value 100 in the “Grid_backgroundPercent” field

In this case the background of the ALT-TAB display looks like this.

Windows TAB no transparent display

In this way you can set the background display of the ALT-TAB key combination as you like.

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