SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION blue screen error message

The blue screen error code “SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION” is one of the most common BSOD error messages . There are numerous subspecies of this blue screen error code and can also have a variety of causes. We would like to show you the possibilities in this manual to eliminate the error.

The ” SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION ” error message usually looks like this, but may differ a little,


Check file system

First of all, you should have your Windows file system checked for errors or inconsistencies. Because errors in the file system are often the cause of this BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) . It is best to leave the file system with the


Check command and also automatically fix errors.

The easiest way to have your filesystem checked is by starting a command prompt with administrator rights and then issuing the following command.


We have shown you the entire process here below.

Check disk with CHKDSK

It is important that Windows is restarted after issuing the command . Only then does the actual data medium check start.

Disk check in seconds

You shouldn’t press any key here, because then you would skip the disk check. The actual verification process then starts after 10 seconds .

Drive is checked and repaired

Depending on the size of the data, this process can take several minutes. Then you should check whether the error code “System Service Exception” still occurs.

Checking and repairing the Windows system files

Another option is to check the integrity of the protected Windows system files and, if necessary, to repair them. This works very well and simply with the “SFC” command, we have described this in detail in our article ” Check and repair Windows system files “.

The best way to have the protected Windows system files checked and repaired is as follows. Please carry out all operations again in a command prompt with administrative rights .

sfc / scannow
dism.exe / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth
dism.exe / online / cleanup-Image / startcomponentcleanup / resetbase
Then restart Windows
sfc / scannow

Now all possible Windows system problems should be eliminated and the blue screen error code SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION should no longer occur.

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