Switch Windows 10 network from public to private

When you connect your Windows 10 installation to a network for the first time , you can decide whether it is a


or a


Network is. You can find out what the exact difference between a ” private ” and a ” public network is at the end of this article, because Microsoft has given a very good and brief explanation.

Sometimes, however, it makes sense to adjust these settings again later. Microsoft has adjusted the Windows 10 settings so that you can change the choice between “private” and “public” network there very easily. Simply call the Windows 10 settings with the key combination

and then change to the area

Network and Internet (WLAN, airplane mode, VPN)

There you will find the item in the selection list on the left


Then the following Ethernet network information is displayed.

Ethernet network properties Windows 10

Here you can see the name of the network and the network status “Connected” . Clicking on this network connection opens another window that looks like this.

Network profile public private Windows 10

Here you have the choice between the two network profiles “Public” and “Private”. Microsoft gives you the following information about the individual network profiles.

  • Public
    Your PC is not visible to other devices on the network and cannot be used for printer and file sharing.
  • Private
    With trustworthy networks, e.g. your home or company network. Your PC is visible and can be used for printer and file sharing after it has been set up accordingly.

With one click you can activate the desired network profile . Incidentally, these changes take effect immediately.

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