Start Word without a start screen and immediately display a blank document

You may also know the problem when your Word starts and this unnecessary start screen is displayed by the Office . This is the case with Microsoft Office 2016 as well as Office 365 and Office 2019 . Usually it looks like this for Word users.

Word home screen

This display of the start picture of Word and Excel did not exist in the older Office versions and is absolutely unnecessary for many users. Rather, it is more important for many office users that an empty document opens immediately and that the user can start working immediately.

How you can deactivate this start screen from Word and Excel is shown here as below.

Deactivate Excel and Word start screen

To do this, you first call up the Office menu


on. Then the following menu bar appears in Word , in Excel it looks almost the same.

Word options

In this office menu you have to select the following point. which you can find at the bottom of the blue menu bar .


Then another window opens in which you can find all Word and Excel functions and options. The option responsible for the start screen can be found in the tab


Within these ” general options ” you have to scroll almost to the end of the displayed options.

Show Word startup screen when launching this application

Here is the crucial option

Show home screen when launching this application

The option is checked by default and must be removed to deactivate the Word / Excel start screen . Finally, of course you have to confirm the changes with ” OK “.

If you now restart Word or Excel, an empty document opens automatically and the start screen of Word or Excel has been deactivated successfully .

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