Start CMD directly from Windows Explorer

Often there is a desire to call certain programs or actions directly from Windows Explorer . So it would also be very often desirable to call the “CMD” prompt or a PowerShell console directly from Windows Explorer.

However, what very few Windows users know is the already integrated possibility of doing this.

Call CMD from Explorer

You do not need to set any Windows settings or Explorer options. Everything you need, the Windows Explorer window and the address bar , which is shown by default.

Usually this Explorer address bar always shows the current path in which you are currently using Windows Explorer. However, what is relatively unknown is the option to issue commands directly there .

Enter CMD in Explorer address bar

As you can see in the Windows Explorer figure above , we have the command directly in the Windows address bar


entered. Then you only need to press ” Enter ” and the MS-DOS prompt window is opened and displayed. We have also illustrated this as an example below.

Call CMD directly on Windows Explorer

What is also interesting is that the path in which the command prompt window is then always adapts to the path in Windows Explorer and thus opens the DOS box exactly in this path.

Furthermore, this function is not limited to the command CMD . You can actually call up every possible Windows command in the Explorer address bar, such as ” powershell ” for a PowerShell console or ” cleanmgr ” for Windows disk cleanup.

This way you can save yourself a lot of work and it is certainly one of the most useful Windows Explorer tips .

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