Specify how many lines to scroll when the mouse wheel is turned

We have already reported several times about the setting options for mouse control under Windows 10 (you will find an overview at the end of this entry). In this article we would like to show you how to set the mouse scroll properties . This controls how many lines in the Windows programs should be scrolled when the mouse wheel is turned .

As always, you can find all the necessary information in the Windows 10 Settings application, which you can use the Windows key combination

Set mouse options

can call. Then here is the point

Devices ( mouse , printer, Bluetooth)

to call. Then you select the item in the left selection area


Then you will see the 2 possible options. We have marked these two options for you in the illustration below.

Turn the mouse wheel to scroll

The two options are as follows.

Rotate the mouse wheel to scroll.

The two options are available here.

  • Several lines at once
  • One screen page each

If you choose the option ” Multiple lines on one time “, you can under the option

Select how many lines to scroll

set the appropriate scroll rate . If, on the other hand , you select the ” One screen page” option, this option makes no sense and is therefore grayed out.

By the way, these mouse settings become active immediately and you can try them out and change them immediately after changing the settings. In this way, you can easily configure the scroll function of the mouse wheel under Windows 10 according to your wishes.

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