Store profile picture for Windows user accounts

When you log on to your PC, usually only a simple male is displayed as a Windows profile picture . By default, this standard Windows profile picture looks like this.

Windows login with normal profile picture

That is why many Windows 10 users have the desire to store their own profile picture for their Windows login. This is very easy to do if you follow the instructions below.

Set your own Windows profile picture

To store your own Windows profile picture, you must first log on to the Windows 10 system and then open the Windows 10 start menu. There you will also find the standard profile picture on the far left in the column. We have marked this for you accordingly in the following illustration. You have to take this profile picture with you

the right mouse button

click so that another small menu appears.

The following point must then be selected here

Change account settings

Then the Windows 10 Settings app is started and automatically in the area

Accounts (accounts, email, work, other contacts, synchronization)

changed and you can immediately see the standard profile picture.

Create Windows profile picture

There are now two options available for you to store a Windows profile picture .

  • Take a profile picture by camera
  • Find profile picture

If you have connected a camera to your PC or your notebook or tablet has an integrated camera, you can take a picture via ” Camera ” and set it as a Windows profile account picture .

But you can also search for a JPG or PNG file using “ Search ” and thus store an existing file as an account profile picture . In our case, we selected part of our logo as a profile picture (PNG file) and saved it as a Windows 10 profile picture .

Own Windows profile picture

Then you can check how this profile picture will then appear on the login screen . In our case it looks like this.

Windows 10 login with your own profile picture

In order to achieve an optimal result, it may be necessary to try it out, but in the end, the registration now looks much nicer with a personalized profile picture .

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