Select content in the command prompt – activate selection of line break

With the mouse you can easily mark text areas in the command prompt window . To do this, simply hold down the mouse button and then simply mark the desired area. By pressing the

enter key

the text of the marked area is then copied to the Windows clipboard . We have shown you a sample image below, in which we have marked a certain area.

Area marked in the command prompt

As you can see, everything from the ” . “Marked in white. With the standard settings, you do not have the option of marking a specific area , because the entire following lines are always marked.

Highlight a specific area in the command prompt

But if you want to mark and copy a certain area, this is not possible. Assuming that you only want to mark the file names including the file extension, you are reaching your limits here.

However, Microsoft has introduced an option with which it is also possible to carry out a vertical marking in the command prompt ( vertical marking is also possible with Microsoft Word ). You can find these settings in the settings of the command prompt.

Activate selection of line breaks

Here is the following option for text selection.

Activate selection of line breaks

This option is activated by default . If you now deactivate this option for the text selection and confirm it with ” OK “, the marking function in the prompt changes . This can then look like this, for example.

Mark a section vertically in the command prompt

It is now possible to mark a specific area . In our example, we have only marked the file names including the file extension and can therefore transfer them to the clipboard and then edit them further.

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