Show WLAN password in plain text via DOS command

Anyone who has forgotten their WiFi password does not have to despair or set a new one in their WiFi router or smartphone. We reported a while ago about a tool that you can use to display your existing WiFi password.

Today we want to show you that this even works with Windows board tools and a simple command. To do this, you should open the DOS prompt (Windows key + “X”) with administrator rights and then enter the following command:

netsh wlan show profile name = WLANNAME key = clear

It is important that you replace the variable “WLANNAME” with the name of your WLAN. After sending the DOS command, the following display appears:

WLAN password Dos command

As you can see, the most varied information about your WLAN is revealed here.

  • Profile information (version, type, name, control options, connection mode, network transmission, MAC randomization)
  • Connectivity settings (number of SSIDs, SSID name, network type, radio type, manufacturer extension)
  • Security settings (authentication, encryption, security key, key content)
  • Cost settings (costs, overloaded, data limit reached soon, over data limit, roaming, cost source).

In the ” Security Settings ” area there is the item ” Key content “. We marked it red in the picture above. The WLAN key set is displayed in plain text here. As we find a very easy way to get your own WiFi password.

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