Show or hide status bar in Windows Explorer

Usually everyone works a lot with Windows Explorer and is therefore used to the most important Explorer functions. This includes the status bar in Explorer , which is located at the bottom of the Explorer window . We have shown you this again below.

Windows Explorer status bar with elements

As you can see, very important information is displayed in the Windows Explorer status bar . These are as follows.

  • Number of items in the folder
  • Number of selected items in the folder
  • Storage space required for the selected items in the folder

Sometimes the Explorer status bar is hidden and the bar should be shown again. You can find out how you can activate or deactivate this status bar in this guide.

Set Explorer status bar

The necessary setting for this is in the explorer options . First you should go to the Explorer menu bar with the button

ALT key

fade in. Then you will find it at the very end of the tab


the point


In the next window you have to go to the tab


switch and scroll down quite a bit in the possible settings until you get to the option

Show status bar

is coming.

Show status bar

With this option you can now decide whether you want to show or hide the Explorer status bar .

Set the Explorer status bar via the registry

You can also control this setting via the Windows registry. To do this, open the registry editor “regedit” and then switch to the following registry path.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced

There you will find the necessary entry



Here you can now control the status bar of the Explorer using the following values .

  • 0 = Explorer status bar is not displayed
  • 1 = Explorer status bar is displayed

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