Why video marketing via social media is the advertising tool of the future

In social media in particular, people’s own videos and slideshows are becoming increasingly popular with prospects, customers and readers. The reason for this: Well-processed moving images convey and present a message, a way of life or a product so skillfully that pure photos cannot transport them. A few years ago, hardly any promising video creation option led past the installation of suitable software, now more and more powerful alternatives are developing.

So it is hardly surprising that there are now time-saving and well-structured explanatory video online tools without having to install any software, and with which effortlessly and professionally videos can be created easily. This now simple design clearly reflects the importance of video as a medium these days – including in marketing.

Chain reaction through social networks

The well thought-out and goal-oriented display of high-quality video content is one of the 5 most popular approaches for both B2B and B2C marketing strategies. “Make it viral” is often the motto and this sentence should translate as much as “Watch the video become a sure-fire success on the Internet and spread like a customer-producing virus”. YouTube is not just a platform where you can access your favorite content around the clock, but can also be categorized as an important search engine.

The popular moving image portal alone records more than three billion clicks worldwide every day. This also clearly underlines the potential for companies to be found in the depths of the Internet. The strategically wise use of suitable keywords is crucial here whether a video is ultimately found by the target group. Even the highest quality video in the world is only as good as the settings and marketing decisions made in advance.

Leads lead to better ranking

The regular inclusion of high-quality videos is not only very good for potential customers – this constant upload behavior also flatters the search engine algorithms, so that this results in a better ranking. Websites with integrated videos achieve a significantly higher visibility! This higher visibility also goes hand in hand with higher lead generation. Here, too, the use of videos initiates a beneficial chain reaction.

High quality video editing is important

The cornerstone of a successful video marketing campaign is set in motion during production. In order to achieve these goals, the use of high-performance hardware is essential. We have already broken down what is particularly important for office furnishings in a previous post.

However, the eye must also be on the respective social media channel, as the portal blog.swat.io aptly summarized in a publication. Not every content and every video length brings the same performance on every channel. On Facebook, for example, the focus is on videos that have a maximum length of 2 minutes and that also have an informative character without sound. Instagram, on the other hand, is more of a visual style, so that looping videos are also very popular with the user group. Many marketing experts agree that the use of teaser clips works extremely well on Twitter. A maximum length of 30 seconds should ensure that the viewer gets the full length of the actual clip.

The YouTube approach, on the other hand, is to be located differently. For the most part, very extensive and above all informative content is clicked here. All fine-tuning adjustments added together result in an incredibly extreme depth during the video production and accordingly take time. However, these measures are very important for later success.

Memorable video material in vogue

Video sequences that deviate from the normal norm are currently particularly popular. Point of view perspectives or timelapses are becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms. On countless stock provider websites, content released for commercial purposes can also be found, which can be used for your own marketing measures free of charge or for a small price.

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