Set Windows 10 standard web browser

Microsoft is known to deliver the Microsoft Edge browser with Windows 10 . There are currently persistent rumors that Microsoft may abandon the Windows Edge browser and will also ship a Chromium-based browser .

But even now it is possible to use a web browser other than Edge as the Windows 10 standard browser . How and where you can set the Windows 10 standard browser is shown below.

First you call using the familiar key combination

Win 10 settings

the Windows 10 Settings app and then enter the following as the search term.

Web browser

We have shown you this process completely here afterwards.

Standard browser Windows 10 settings

Then you choose the following point:

Choose a standard browser

Then Windows 10 switches to the area of ​​”Standard Apps” , we have already reported about this in our article ” Reset Windows 10 Standard Apps “. In this area you will also find the area

Web browser

as you can see below.

Standard browser Windows 10 settings

Google Chrome ” is currently stored as the standard browser for this system . By clicking on the name of the web browser, another menu opens in which all installed web browsers are displayed . In our example we could choose the following browser.

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

But you also have the option to search for other popular web browsers directly via the item ” Search for an app in the store ” , install them and thus set them as the default browser in Windows 10 . By the way, these changes are immediately active, neither a new Windows registration nor a Windows restart is necessary.

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