Remove the blue double arrow in Windows Explorer

A relatively new feature in Windows 10 is the blue double arrow in Windows Explorer . This blue double arrow is displayed for files and folders that have been compressed . We have compressed the “Windows FAQ” folder as an example below and so the folder symbol is shown at the top right with a blue double arrow symbol .

Blue double arrow in Windows Explorer

These two blue arrows facing each other are intended to draw the user’s attention to the fact that this folder contains compressed content . We have already explained in detail how you can compress folders or files under Windows in our article ” Compress folders and files under Windows “.

To remove these arrows and thus the compression, you do the same. Just right click on the folder that


call and then the point

Extended …

call. In the “Extended Attributes” window then remove the checkmark from ” Compression and Encryption Attributes” , as you can see in the image below.

Remove the blue double arrow

After confirming ” OK “, the selected files and folders are decompressed again. Depending on the amount of data to be decompressed, this process can take some time.

Deactivate compression by command

There is also a way to remove Windows compression from the command prompt. Simply call a command prompt with administrative rights and issue the following command.

compact / u / i

To do this, you should also be in the folder to be decompressed.

Decompress Windows folder with Compact

As you can see, all files and folders contained therein are then decompressed again and the blue double arrow symbol in Windows Explorer also disappears.

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