Set up colored tabs and background image in Chrome

Google is constantly introducing new functions into the Google Chrome browser . With a new feature, you can now display the tabs in chrome in color and also set up a background image . However, these two features are experimental functions , of which it is not yet certain whether these setting options will remain in the Chrome browser forever.

We have shown you a sample image of a colored Chrome browser below and show you in this short Chrome tutorial how you can select and set these colors and the background image.

Chrome colored tabs and background image

As you can see, we have shown the Chrome tabs in red and selected a photo from the Nasa Image Library as the Chrome background image.

To get to these Chrome settings you have to call the following in the URL line :

chrome: // flags /

Then you look for the following 2 settings

  • Chrome Colors menu
  • NTP customization menu version 2

Here below you can see the 2 options, both of them


must be set.

Chrome Colors Menu NTP

As soon as these options are activated and once you have completely closed and restarted the Chrome browser, you have the option to configure the colors and the background in the bottom right corner of the Chrome browser using the ” pen symbol ” . In our first illustration we have marked the ” pencil symbol ” in color.

Here below you can see the settings for the Chrome background .

Choose Chrome Background

As you can see, you can also upload your own pictures and define them as a Chrome background picture .

Via ” Color and Design ” you have the options regarding the color settings for the Chrome tabs , as you can see here.

Choose color and design Chrome

With these 2 new functions you can configure the Chrome browser exactly according to your wishes.

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