Search function in Explorer improved in Windows 10 version 1909

Microsoft has unfortunately integrated very few new functions in Windows 10 version 1909 . Perhaps understandable, since it is actually only a service pack for 1903, but the improvements should still have been a little more extensive.

In any case, Microsoft has made improvements in Windows Explorer to find files faster and easier . This short Explorer tutorial will show how this Explorer extension works under 1909.

Below you see a picture of a Windows Explorer in dark mode , in the search field at the top right the search term ” FAQ ” was entered.

Explorer search box Windows 10 1909

As you can see in the illustration, Windows Explorer in Windows 10 version 1909 now starts by searching the active folder or the active partition (see left column) and shows the search results nicely among each other. This search is already done with the Entry of the search term is shown, confirmation by Enter is no longer necessary.

In addition, this Windows search now works much faster than before, because the Explorer search is now based on the Microsoft search or Windows Search.

However, there is still another improvement, because you can now right-click on an entry in the search results field to use 2 more options, as you can see in the partial illustration below of the Explorer context menu.

Open Explorer location and copy full path

On the one hand, confirming ” Open storage location opens another Explorer window, which shows you the desired folder of the selected file. So you can very quickly navigate to the correct Explorer folder.

With ” Copy full path ” the complete path name of the selected file is copied to the Windows clipboard.

Microsoft has significantly improved one of the central functions in Windows Explorer. If you are interested in other useful functions of Windows Explorer , we recommend the following articles here on our Windows FAQ blog.

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